What Do You Know?

The fire was driving me higher and higher up the building, constantly licking at my ankles. Of course, eventually there was no higher. I was now stuck on the roof, hundreds of feet above the ground, help, and safety.

My mind started racing through possibilities. Maybe there would be a ladder big enough. No. Maybe I could try to head back down. No. Maybe they would put the fire out soon. No. There was no help coming. I was trapped. This was it.

I had no options left. The thought barely crossed my head and then I was doing it. I had jumped, falling almost certainly to my doom. But hey, it was my choice. It was all I had left that I could control.

Someone once said that if you’re falling you might as well flap your arms. I must admit I had never expected it to work. But as I soared over the city and then gradually came to land, I was quite glad that it had.


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