And That’s How I Met Your Mother

She was just a girl then, maybe eight or nine years old. I was drunk as usual, and barely alive. The world was passing me by and leaving me behind. But she wouldn’t. She saw through all the anger, and self-pity, and pain I coated myself in and saw the person beneath it all. She made your grandfather take me to the hospital. I don’t think that there was a force on earth that could have made her leave me there. He certainly didn’t want to take me, but she made him. What’s more she came back. There was no one else to visit me in hospital. I might have got clean of all the alcohol and drugs in there, but without her I still wouldn’t have had anything to live for. She saved my life each time she saw me.

So, now she’s gone, you’re right where I was back then, and I’m here trying to repay my debt to your mother and follow her example.

How did I find you? I looked for you. It’s what she would have done.


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