The first spiral appeared on Mount Rushmore. It was put there in the night. One morning confused tourists gazed upon the monument and saw the faces of the dead presidents coated by a huge spiral. The feds tried everything to clear it off, but nothing worked. Three days later it was gone, not just the spiral, but the whole mountain. It was as if a gigantic ice scream spoon had simply scooped it out of the Earth.

After this the spirals appeared more frequently. The Taj Mahal, Buckingham Palace, the Great Pyramid at Giza all went soon after. Before long there was not a country on Earth whose great monuments had not been stolen.

No one ever saw a thing. Everywhere people held vigils to watch for the coming of the spirals. They would blink and in that instant the spiral would appear. Cameras were also useless. Static would flicker across all recordings at the crucial moment.

A week ago, a spiral appeared on the moon. Three days later, sure enough, the moon was gone. Things have become quite chaotic since then. Cults have started branding and tattooing themselves with spirals with the hope they will be taken by whoever has been taking the monuments. All the great world powers are on the brink of attacking one another, refusing to believe that their enemies or friends are innocent.

NASA had no choice but to release the pictures. Across the globe people noticed the dark marks appearing across great swathes of land. NASA confirmed everyone’s fears when they released pictures showing the Earth covered by one colossal spiral.

That was two days ago.


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